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PowerHouse Electric, Inc. offers a wide range of residential and commercial services to meet your needs. From new building to changing a light bulb, we’ve got you covered.

Our Certified Technicians are fully equipped to perform services including:

New Building wiring                               



Service Upgrades                                      

Ballast/Bulb Change                             

LED Lights                                                


Panel Changes                                           

Basement Finishes                                  

Landscape Lighting 

Surge Protector


Solar Panels (PV)   

Home Audio/Video                                                    

Tenant Improvements       

Network Configurations

Home Additions


Much More…

PowerHouse Home Electrical Service in Orem

If you are looking for home electrical service in Orem, Utah, Powerhouse Electric is the company for you. Known throughout Utah for our top notch electrical service, our electricians can ensure you have all the electrical services you need, for the price you can afford.

Why Choose PowerHouse Electric, Inc.?

With the most professional electricians in all of Orem, Powerhouse Electric offers the best electrical service money can buy. We make certain all of our electricians are well trained in all aspects of the electric trade, so we can perform any service that you may need. Just a few of the electrical service options we offer are decorative lighting, bulb changes, under/above counter lighting, rope lighting, landscape lighting, troubleshooting, and much much more. Even better, we offer residential and commercial services, giving you the flexibility expected from the best home electrical service in Orem.

Exclusive Features

On top of the multitude of services we offer, our home electrical service in Orem provides a host of features that truly make Powerhouse Electric stand out in a crowd. Included with our electrical service is:

  • Free Estimates: Let us check out your home and see precisely what we need to do, before charging you a dime. We’ll let you know how much any electrical service project will cost so you can either shop around, or have a clear idea of what you’re paying
  • Life Time Warranty on Labor: With home electrical service, Orem especially, most electricians do not offer warranties. However, we are so confident of our work that we offer a life time warranty, so you can rest easy.
  • Current State NEC Certifications: So you can rest even easier, our company is outfitted with all of the current State NEC Certifications, giving us the legal standing to work on your home, as well as the stamp of approval concerning our Home electrical service in Orem.
  • Licensed and Insured: If anything goes wrong during the work done on your home—only a very small possibility, we assure you—we are fully insured, so you don’t have to worry.

Our Promise

With our home electrical service in Orem, and our electricians in Provo, we guarantee you one thing; that you are our number 1 priority. With over 50 years customer service and electrical field experience, our electricians will treat you and your home with the respect you both deserve. You are our client, and we want your electrical service to go off without a hitch as much as you do.

So, call today to get more information about our home electrical service in Orem. We can help you with all of the electrical service options you need, with the professional attitude you want. Thanks for visiting!


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